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More and more people are choosing to have their kitchen layout planned by an Independent Kitchen Designer.

Why? Because Independent Kitchen Designers ...

Don't sell kitchens, so they can focus purely on getting the design right for you  

Can be completely open and candid about any kitchen products
Provide complete Dimensioned Plans, Elevation, 3D Colour Perspective Drawings, and Specialist Worktop Drawings that can be used to obtain quotations from any kitchen retailer
Don't have to limit your design to any particular Kitchen Retailers products/service
Stay up to date with all new product innovations
Are generally highly experienced Kitchen Designers with many thousands of kitchen designs behind them
Will often have contacts with good local Kitchen Retailers, Worktop Fabricators, Appliance Sources, and Fitters should you need the service of one

Can often save you many times their fee by cutting out costly planning errors, and showing you how to design your kitchen in the most cost effect way


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